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2017-03-23 19:10:57.0
Santosh Verma - Maths & Science

Santosh Verma

Used [Private Home Tutors] - Maths & Science

I search home tutor via online and hire him for my daughter maths & science for 11th standard. She is really excellent on the subject and my daughter scored decently in her annual exam. I am really happy with her response the way of teaching.

2017-03-23 19:08:50.0
Ashish Kumar - All Subject

Ashish Kumar

Used [Tuition Centres and Coaching Classes] - All Subject

He has excellent knowledge in teaching. His subject wise suggestion is perfect. Discuss the every concept clearly, make it easy for everyone. He has several years of teaching experience so his concepts always great for the students. Everyone respecting him and follow his advice.

2017-03-04 18:04:34.0
Pawan Verma - Maths Tution

Pawan Verma

Used [Private Home Tutors] - Maths Tution

Anushruti gave maths tution to my daughter....she is an excellent tutor....intelligent & laborious & soft hearted enough to motivate others....she is a good counselor too

2017-03-04 18:02:38.0
Kritika - Maths and Economics Tution


Used [Private Home Tutors] - Maths and Economics Tution

She explains well using real life examples, and she recommends good books which help a lot. She is extremely good with maths and economics and is very polite, sincere and quite flexible as a teacher.